GridFlow, Reynald Drouhin

2012, site web.

The GridFlow website (2011-2012) aggregates images of items whose RSS flow is recorded in a mosaic arrangement. Anyone may add the flow(s) of their choice to feed the grid. The project thus displays a slice of time with no beginning and no end, similar to a rhizome, revealing the mood of the moment (zeitgeist) throught accumulation or repetition of key events in current web news.
The fresco permanently undergoes waves of flow updates, creating an undertow and a perpetual reprocessing of the grid. The latter moves, seeming to come to life… formulating an infinite ribbon of images unrolling over the length of the wall. The present moment of the mosaic immediately disintegrates: a permanent “carpe diem”, essentially ephemerial owing to swiftness in appearence and disappearence of the images.
At any given point it is possible to generate a large archive, capture a shot of the grid as a way of crystalizing the entire mosaic, freezing it between two moments in time.

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